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About Us


With the trend of events in the e-world, and the real world, there is a need for both to find a meeting point here in 9ja. In the real world, single stream of income is not enough and the cost of getting small jobs done is constantly on the rise. The is a need for a platform where people can have a chance to make extra money, or make pocket money (for student) with their expertise or where people can pay pocket friendly fees for services (as small as 1k even). Moreover, in the e-world, everyone is on the ‘Go’ and doing business online; making payments and receiving also.

So, Gigs Nigeria is a well thought out platform for people to have small shops to make extra money as Freelancers of small jobs. Also, no need of thinking of big money to get things done, all that buyers need to do is to look for an expert that can deliver their small jobs for small money and with big gains

Fellow Nigerians, let’s get things on the way. Let’s get paid and pay others!


Young smart Nigerians with street and academic experiences in IT Solutions, E-payment solutions, Web development and management and sales. Most of us are guys with a 9 to 5, but keep thinking of how we can make extra cash to support the small salaries.

Surprisingly, most of us are 9ja/UK/US trained. All with the mind of changing how we things are being done around here. We will get there!